A list of shops offering FT goods


Three Co-operative stores:
Littleham, Exmouth EX8 2QG
Exeter Road, Exmouth EX8 1QD
Magnolia Centre, Exmouth EX8 1HB
– Fairtrade teas, coffees, sugars, chocolate, juices, biscuits, fruit, wines.
The Co-operative is committed as a movement to support Fairtrade and has sponsored several of our activities in Exmouth.

Mother Earth, 1 Imperial Road, Exmouth EX8 1BY, 01395 489509
– Fairtrade fruits, preserves, dried goods, specialities

Oasis,  14 The Strand, Exmouth EX8 1AD, 01395 279144
– Fairtrade teas, coffees, chocolate, honey, biscuits, bananas, dried fruits, sugars, spices, dried mushrooms. We offer a wide range of wholefoods, organic fruit and veg., hand-baked bread, supplements and natural body-care products, all ethically sourced.

LidlSalterton Road, Exmouth EX8 4RZ
– some Fairtrade teas, coffees, chocolate, biscuits, fruit juice, biscuits, etc. (inc. Lidl’s own ‘Fairglobe’ range)

Tesco, Salterton Road, Exmouth EX8 2TS
and Churchill Road, Exmouth EX8 4JJ
and Rolle Street, Exmouth EX8 1HE
– some Fairtrade teas, coffees, chocolate, hot chocolate, biscuits, bananas, wines

Oxfam, 47 The Parade, Exmouth EX8 1RD, 01395 279813
– teas, coffees, biscuits, chocolate, etc.
“As well as these Fairtrade-marked products there is a huge range of gifts, home-ware, stationery and fashion all of which have been sourced in line with Oxfam’s Ethical Purchasing Policy.”

Local on-line store: Global Indigo.  A local business that supports small co-operatives and communities from around the globe. We are a not for profit making organisation.  www.globalindigo.org